Best Ballet Classes For Young Children

Ballet Class

We start ballet class because we realise the benefits of ballet to the student.

There are various ballet classes for grown-ups, but for preschool, you only get a few, so we decided to give the best ballet lesson to the preschool children.

At PAOD, we take dance education seriously, so when we start ballet class, we hire professional ballet teachers so our students get the best out of the course.

This article discusses the history of ballet dance, the benefits of ballet classes to children and the world’s best ballet dancers.

History Of Ballet Dance

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Ballet has been adored for centuries. Ballet’s history begins around 1500 in Italy.

Ballet, which began as a noble dance, would eventually become a global entertainment sensation.

Earlier, noble amateurs performed ballet in large estates and palace halls.

The ballets were performances of mythological events heavy on gods and heroes, with extremely extravagant costumes and masks created by combining dance, music, and song.

Ballet did not appear like it does today in its early years. There were no tutus or pointe shoes at the time, so that the dancers would dress in regular, trendy clothing as a costume.

The ballets were similar to court dances in that they encouraged audience members to join at the end.

King Louis XIV started the first-ever dance academy in France in 1666, and was called the “Académie Royale de Danse”.

5 Benefits of Ballet class

Physical Ballet Benefits

Ballet is great exercise, but there are more physical benefits than getting a good workout. Ballet classes for children develop appropriate posture and coordination.

A child learns to engage their muscles, stand tall, and take charge of their bodies the moment they step up to the barre.

Enhances Emotional Development

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When your child discovers the love of dancing, they learn how to express themselves in a way that promotes both their physical and mental health.

This expression offers a structured outlet for healthy physical and emotional release, which helps develop emotional maturity.

Promotes Discipline

We also ensure that our dance sessions are well-structured and that the children pay attention to their instructors.

Ballet students must be attentive and follow guidelines to progress.

This discipline will transfer over into their school classrooms and other circumstances outside the dancing studio.

Ballet Tech Problem Solvers

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Ballet dancers are constantly asked to perform multiple things, making them outstanding problem solvers. Furthermore, dancers are continuously thinking eight steps ahead.

Smart people plan; every dancer has this trait because your body couldn’t have performed that complex turn sequence unless your brain expected it.

Establish Friendships

Friendships created in ballet classes can last a lifetime. As the students engage in their shared love of ballet dance, such friendships are fostered through teamwork.

As your child gains new talents, she also learns how to interact with others and develop new friends.

There is no better or faster way to form lasting friendships than by having fun together; that is exactly what a ballet class means to your child.

10 Best Ballet Dancers

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This list can be different from others everyone has their likes and dislikes.

  1. Roberto Bolle
  2. Alessandra Ferri
  3. Amber Scott
  4. Kevin Jackson
  5. Galina Ulanova 
  6. Mikhail Baryshnikov
  7. Allegra Kent
  8. Anthony Dowel
  9. Vaslav Nijinsky
  10. Alicia Markova

In conclusion, ballet has many benefits and old history. At PAOD, we pride ourselves as one of the best ballet classes in Melbourne. It’s time to teach your children one of the finest dance forms.

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