How To Choose A Dance Style For Your Children

contemporary dance style

Do you have a passion for dance but need to know which style to choose? Dance is a fantastic activity. It is also an excellent exercise for physical, mental, and emotional development, not only in an art form, it’s full of expression and symbolism. Choosing the right kind of dance for your child can be […]

Benefits of Introducing Your Kid To Musical Theater

Musical theatre for kids

Musical theatre is a form of storytelling that allows kids to express themselves without fearing being judged. Things like singing, dancing, and acting teach kids how to be expressive and will enable them to explore all the types of arts they love. Students will explore the fundamentals of acting, singing, dancing, puppetry, music in motion […]

Importance of Dance in Education

Importance Of Dance In Education

Studies reveal that all types of arts, creativity and intelligence do not come from the mind alone but from the entire movement of the body. Especially with kids, it helps with their overall development of mind and body. Almost everyone is inclined towards the usage of gadgets in this digital era, whether it be a […]

Best Kids Dance Classes In Moorabbin

Kids Dance Classes

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active and healthy while helping them make friends and have fun? Then considering kids’ dance classes is best for your children to keep them engaged. A child’s first dance class is such a special milestone! We still get all the feels when we look at […]

Tips For Preparing Your Kids For Dance Auditions

Dance Auditions

Is your child a dancer? Do they have the capacity to learn what they see on TV and YouTube quickly? Dance auditions for kids are designed to find children who can act. Dance can be essential for developing many positive credits in a growing child. Dance supports children to mature physically, emotionally and socially. If […]

Hip Hop Dance Classes

hip hop dance classes

Do you have a budding dancer at home? If your little one is constantly grooving to the music and conquering the home dance floor, enrolling children in dancing classes would be best. Parents usually need clarification about choosing the perfect dance class for their children. A fun, energetic Hip Hop dance class is one of […]

Health benefits of dance 

Health benefits of dance

Have you ever observed that children love to dance? There are many health benefits of dance in children. Dancing is the best physical activity, and kids who take dance lessons regularly should expect a significant improvement in their overall physical health. Regular dance practice can increase your child’s elasticity, physical strength and energy. Dancing at […]

Enroll Child for Dance Class

Enroll Child for Dance Class

Dance classes provide many benefits for children at a young age because they are encouraged to fulfil physical, social, and mental needs. Many parents are always searching for group classes for their children to become involved and busy in something outside the door and meet new friends. Dance classes can bring up your child’s talent and […]

Benefits Of Tap Dance Classes

Tap Dance Classes

Tap dance classes have various benefits but first, discuss about tap dance and its popularity worldwide. Tap dancing is a form of dance that involves tapping one’s shoes on the ground as quickly as possible while listening to music. Tap dancing is a famous style of dance that includes audio in the dance and is […]

5 Reasons Why Jazz Dance Classes Spark Creativity In Kids

Jazz Dance Classes

If you have small children and are looking for a creative way of learning a few dance moves to make them fit, jazz dance classes from Performance Academy Of Dancing are the best choice for your kids. We started PAOD in 1991 and teach about 1000+ students different dance forms, including jazz, ballet, hip hop […]