Dance Warm-Ups For Kids

Dance Warm-Ups

Dance warm-up exercise is vital for improving your dancing skills and overall progress. Don’t be scared if you’re new to dancing and find the emphasis on warm-up routines surprising. It’s a normal part of the dance experience that will help you get the most out of your journey.

Dance instructors typically have their preferred warm-up routines that vary to prevent boredom and maintain interest. These warm-ups serve a dual purpose by physically and mentally preparing your body for the demands of dancing.

Dance warm-ups make your muscles and joints more flexible and resilient by gradually increasing blood flow and body temperature, lowering your risk of injury during dance routines.

Warming up is essential not just for physical preparation but also for mental preparation for the task ahead. Pick up your perfect dance style and know the importance of warm-up by reading more.

The Importance of Warm-Ups in Children's Dance Training

Dancing is a captivating art that offers children entertainment, physical exercise, and aesthetic development. Warm-ups are crucial for beginners as they reduce the risk of tension by improving blood flow and flexibility.

Dance Warm-ups also help children’s range of motion, allowing them to perform dance routines gracefully and precisely. It also improves endurance and stamina by preparing their bodies for the physical demands of dance.

Warm-ups provide benefits beyond the dance floor by instilling discipline, routine, and dedication in young dancers. Our obligation as teachers and mentors is to emphasise the importance of warm-ups and encourage children to appreciate this vital component of their dancing journey.

Best Warm-up Exercises

Warm-up exercises are necessary to prepare the body for physical activity such as dance, athletics, or any other type of exercise. Here are some practical warm-up activities for improving flexibility, increasing blood flow, and lowering the chance of injury:

Ballet dance warm-up exercises

Ballet dance warm-up exercises
Chaine Turns
To improve spotting and riding skills, focus on practising chaine turns, which involve executing a series of quick turns in a straight line.


Improving your back flexibility and achieving a beautiful arch in your spine can be accomplished through cambre exercises.


Practice slow and controlled movements focusing on balance, extension, and expression to improve your stability and grace. Adagio exercises are necessary for this development.

Acrobatics dance warm-up exercises

Acrobatics dance warm-up exercises

Joint Rotations

To enhance blood flow and loosen up the joints. Start with gentle joint rotations for the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, and neck.

Butterfly Stretch

To open the hips, sit with the soles of your feet touching and softly press your knees toward the floor.

Cat-Cow Stretch

  • Get on your hands and knees. Arch your back up like a cat.
  • Lower it like a cow in the Cat-and-cow stretch.
  • By Doing so, flexibility increases and the spine is warmed up.

Jazz dance warm-up exercises

Jazz dance warm-up exercises

Cardio Warm-up

Start with simple aerobic workouts that increase your heart rate and improve blood flow, such as running while standing, jumping jacks, or dancing.

Jazz Runs & Skips

Improve your footwork, coordination, and aerobic endurance with jazz runs and skips across the floor.

Arm Swings and Circles

Warm up your arms and shoulders by swinging them in broad circles, figure-eights, and other vigorous motions.

How Performance Academy of Dance can help children to Dance Warm-ups

The top priorities at Performance Academy of Dance in Moorabbin, Australia, are the performance and safety of our young dancers, and each session begins with a planned, age-appropriate warm-up.

Knowledgeable instructors lead our introduction, including stretches, coordination drills, and dynamic movements tailored to each kid’s requirements.

We guarantee an enjoyable warm-up experience that prepares the body and mind for a gratifying dancing session by emphasising appropriate alignment and technique.

Our warm-ups extend beyond physical preparation and foster discipline, focus, and a positive mindset in our young dancers. As they progress through these warm-up routines, children experience the joy of improvement and gain confidence in their abilities.

At PAOD, we cherish the opportunity to nurture a love for dance and create a supportive dance community, all while promoting the overall well-being of our young dancers through thoughtful and practical warm-up sessions.

Dance Warm-ups are essential for dancers to prepare their bodies and minds for a fulfilling dance experience. Recognising their significance gives dancers confidence in each class.

Warm-up exercises are vital for dance practice and artistic growth. Contact us for guidance on ideal warm-up exercises for your child’s dance routine, or find more information about us.

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