Hip Hop Dance Classes

hip hop dance classes

Do you have a budding dancer at home? If your little one is constantly grooving to the music and conquering the home dance floor, enrolling children in dancing classes would be best.

Parents usually need clarification about choosing the perfect dance class for their children. A fun, energetic Hip Hop dance class is one of the best dance types for your children.

At the performance academy of dancing, we introduce children to different dance forms and help to select the best one for them.

We are serving the right platform to give direction to children’s talent, so if you want children to excel in ballet, hip hop, tap or other forms of dance, send them to a performance academy of dancing immediately!

Why Hip-Hop Dance Classes Are Fantastic For Kids

Why Hip-hop Dance Classes Are Fantastic For Kids

Dance holds extensive physical benefits. It also sharpens skills in expressing emotions through dance. Hip-hop dance brings fun to children as well as it has some health benefits too.

Hip-hop is an aerobic form of exercise. Thus, it increases heart rate, improving kid’s cardiovascular and fitness levels.

Here are the 3 reasons why hip-hop dance classes are suitable for kids.

1. Extensive Physical Activity

Hip-hop dance classes bring flexibility, coordination, balance, maintaining posture and encourage healthy growth in the child. Hip hop also builds up your child’s core, arm, and leg muscles, improving bone and joint health.

The psychological benefits of hip-hop dance include building self-confidence and increasing self-esteem in kids.

2. Good Mental Health

Kids have the most extensive imagination. Hip-hop dance classes provide children a platform to bring out their creativity and express their emotions through dance.

Children engage in something like dancing, which releases dopamine and makes them very happy. Smiling improves your child’s mental state, which plays an essential role in children’s personalities nowadays.

Good Mental Health

3. A Platform For Showcasing Skills

Hip-hop dance classes for kids are a good source of recreation and entertainment, which parallels the learning procedure, making it a good experience.

Children in a hip-hop class for kids meet their new dancers, make friends and interact with teachers, enhancing their social skills.

3 Types of Hip-Hop Dance Styles

Hip-hop dance contains a variety of elements. It enhances memory, coordination, rhythm and fun. As such, there are different styles of hip-hop dance. Some of them are listed below.

1. Breakdancing

Breakdance, also called B-boying, was one of the first-ever forms of Hip hop. It has many enthusiastic and athletic standing movements of hands and feet.

As the word recommends, the breakdance has some breaking movement. The dancers have regulated their activities, which is known as a freeze.

2. Locking And Popping

This is a dance that involves quick movements and bouncing expressions. Locking dances with acrobatic moves with notable pauses like something popping out or jumping.

However, both techniques are a little different, but these are used together by the dancers.

3. Liquid Dance

This dance form is the best way of expressing delicate art. The use of hands and palms is mainly done with illusion-based moves.
Liquid Dance

At the performance academy of dancing, Our professional instructors will make the learner’s body and mind flexible and prepared to present graceful performances. At the performance academy of dancing, we offer musical theatre and different dance styles such as jazz, hip-hop, and ballet dancing classes.

What are you waiting for? Grab your dancing shoes, put on your favourite beat and start your dance classes with us. For more information, call us on 0415 071 117.

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