Importance of Dance in Education

Importance Of Dance In Education

Studies reveal that all types of arts, creativity and intelligence do not come from the mind alone but from the entire movement of the body. Especially with kids, it helps with their overall development of mind and body.

Almost everyone is inclined towards the usage of gadgets in this digital era, whether it be a toddler or an adult. Therefore physical activity has become even more critical now than ever before. Teachers, guides, parents, and even psychologists believe in the importance of dance in education.

For kids bringing dance into their education helps them develop skills essential for learning, such as thinking, creativity, building connections and getting along with others.

In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of dance in education for kids, why dance should be a part of children’s education and its benefits.

Studies And Research On Dance In Education

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In a recent study done by conventional dance schools on kids aged 5-9, it was found that out of all the children attending a regular dance lesson, 82% of children’s confidence improved after it.

It also helped increase muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness and to add more; there was a development in coordination, agility and flexibility.

42% of the young adults who took up dance as a hobby said it made them happy.

Dance Forms That Children Love

Among different types of dance forms loved by children – Ballet, Street Dance and Contemporary Dancing were on top of the list.

In another observation, it was seen that children even spoke of taking up dancing as a career and dreaming of being artists.

Why Should Dance Be A Part Of Children's Education?

Children's dance Education

With numerous advantages related to dancing for all, here are some specific ones for children :

Dance Helps Boost Children's Physical And Mental Well-being.

Children dancing regularly can significantly improve their fitness, wellness, flexibility, strength and stamina. It is a form of exercise that can be very focused and mindful.

Not only it has physical benefits, but it helps improve children’s mental health and well-being.

Dance Inspires Creativity In The Growing Environment.

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Dance is a type of creative art that naturally will cause a continuous flow of creativity in the child’s growing environment. When given creative freedom, children have shown positive results in their education.

Attending dance classes may also motivate them to pursue it full-time as a career.

Dance Encourages Socialising And Making New Friends.

It pushes children out of their comfort zones and their usual friend groups, which generally ends in them mixing with different people.

It allows children to grow their confidence and build teamwork skills.

Dance Has Academic Advantages.

With everything it brings, dance has proven to be an educational and cognitive development tool and a creative outlet for children. It promotes communication, critical thinking, collaboration and much more.

Benefits Of Dance In Education

Benefits Of Dance

Dance students are more self-motivated, disciplined, and focused daily. It also enhances their ability to convey emotions, ideas, and sentiments. The following are some critical benefits of dance:

  • Increases reading and STEM test scores. Raising imagination and creativity and being able to critically analyse their own work and the work of others.
  • Offers neurological benefits, including persistence at the task, memory retention, and making cognitive connections.
  • Develops social and emotional coping skills, including tolerance, focus, and engagement.
  • Supports integrated teaching practices.
  • Boosts teacher and school morale.

We can only wait and watch what wonders dance in education creates. Therefore teaching kids to dance is beneficial so that when they grow up and enter the workforce, they do so with fully intact, precious assets. Contact us to get register with us. Or find us here.  

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