5 Reasons Why Jazz Dance Classes Spark Creativity In Kids

Jazz Dance Classes

If you have small children and are looking for a creative way of learning a few dance moves to make them fit, jazz dance classes from Performance Academy Of Dancing are the best choice for your kids.

We started PAOD in 1991 and teach about 1000+ students different dance forms, including jazz, ballet, hip hop etc. We have specialised teachers for each dance form.

When we are talking about jazz, it is high energy with big movements. Kids who love to perform and have prominent personalities choose Jazz dancing as a perfect dance style.

The variety of movements is exciting for kids, especially if they get bored with one style.

This article discusses jazz history and its various benefits for children and famous jazz dancers.

History of Jazz Dance

history of jazz

Jazz developed in Africa. African dances were performed with the knees bent, with pulsing motions that featured body isolations and rhythmic clapping.

This cultural mixing gave birth to a dancing form known as jazz with European groups. The jazz dance type showcases a dancer’s individuality and uniqueness.

Jazz dancing had incorporated ballet and modern dance by the 1950s. Latin and Caribbean music also had an impact on it.

Jazz dance is still quite popular. While it includes some traditional routines, its quick speed, high level of improvisation, and lively music make it a student favourite.

5 benefits of jazz dance classes

Builds muscle strength

With its high jumps and agile movements set to frenzied musical arrangements, jazz dance is fantastic for improving muscle strength, particularly in the lower region.

Jumps and twists need explosive force, so the performer’s calf muscles and quads quickly build up.

Strong muscles help coordination as your child learns to move rapidly and lightly without losing their balance.

Improves Focus

Girl performing jazz

Concentrating on the most recent move or routine in jazz dance class allows your child to tune out everything else and concentrate on what’s in front of them.

They’ll forget about their troubles for the day and focus on the work, which will help them reduce tension.

Your child’s capacity to concentrate on dance-related tasks will most likely help them in other areas, such as focusing on an exam at school or finishing homework.

Great Cardio Excercise

Jazz dancing courses are excellent cardio exercises. Given the fast-paced patterns that your child will be learning, this type of aerobic activity will undoubtedly cause them to break a sweat.

Their higher heart rate will help develop bone muscle and physical stamina.

Get social through jazz lessons

group of kids dancing

Jazz dance classes are an excellent method for kids to interact and socialise. This is a perfect activity for shy children who need help breaking out of their shells.

Dance classes need interaction and collaboration with an instructor and other students. Children can form lasting friendships through shared interests.

Jazz classes teach students how to overcome stage fear by performing with peers in front of a teacher.

Promotes Creative Expression

Jazz is a free-flowing dance form that encourages improvisation and story-telling motions. It can ignite your child’s imagination and help them to express themselves creatively.

Dance offers therapeutic advantages because it is a release that encourages children and teenagers to let go of negative ideas and feelings.

Famous jazz dancers

Famous jazz Musicians
  • Katherine Dunham
  • Bob Fosse
  • Jack Cole
  • Ashley Wallen
  • Lester Horton
  • Matt Mattox

In conclusion, jazz has many benefits and old history. At PAOD, we pride ourselves as one of the best jazz dance classes in Melbourne. It’s time to teach your children one of the finest dance forms.

To know more about the class, contact us at 0415 071 117, or you can visit our website at www.performanceacademyofdancing.com.

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