Benefits Of Tap Dance Classes

Tap Dance Classes

Tap dance classes have various benefits but first, discuss about tap dance and its popularity worldwide. Tap dancing is a form of dance that involves tapping one’s shoes on the ground as quickly as possible while listening to music.

Tap dancing is a famous style of dance that includes audio in the dance and is one of the world’s most celebrated dances.

Tap shoes are the most noticeable feature of tap dancing. The ‘tap’ sound is produced by a metal piece on the heel and toe of these shoes.

This article discusses tap dance’s history and how tap dance classes will help your children while growing up.

History Of Tap Dance

History Of Tap Dance

Tap dance originated during the 19th century in America. It is considered to be a combination of Irish and African American dance forms.

Tap dance history is a history of American culture. It tells us about America’s past, present, and future. While few people know about tap dancing today, tap dance has come to symbolise cultural diversity.

Jazz musicians and tap dancers collaborated to create new performance work by combining music and syncopated rhythms.

During this period, tap shoe construction changed, and metal plates were added to leather or soft shoes instead of clogs or shoes with wooden heels. These metal plates were commonly known as taps.

The tap must be considered a musical and dance form that originated as a distinct percussive representation of American jazz music.

3 Benefits of tap dance classes

1. Great Cardio Workout

Tap dancing is also a great cardio workout. Cardio should be done three times a week, according to experts.

Turn up the music, and you’ll burn calories, tone your muscles, and get a heart-healthy workout.

2. Tap dance improves cognitive function

Tap dance improves cognitive function

Tap dancing can be a mental and physical workout as you’ll have to remember steps, techniques and timings.

Understanding something new can provide you with a sense of accomplishment while also providing you with confidence that you can apply it to other aspects of your life.

It can also boost your self-esteem by allowing you to express yourself creatively.

3. Social Benefits

Enrolling your toddler in PAOD tap classes will help them develop their social skills.

Whether or not your toddler has started school, it’s never a bad idea to socialise them in a new background with other kids their age.

They will learn how to meet new mates in a new situation and better understand the collaborative activity.

Tap dance is a gender-neutral genre, so your child will learn to work in groups with people of all genders.

Tap dance classes provided by the Performance Academy Of Dancing are diverse in both music & style, from the days of old Hollywood to current street tap.

We also provide a free trial class to get a better understanding. If you have any questions, contact 0415 071 117 us or visit our website for more details.

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